Sinus Crestal Approach Kit

With the SCA Kit, drill the sinus cortical wall with no fear.
This kit allows for crestal approach without damaging the membrane.

Initial Drill

Drill for creating guide hole in order to designate the precise drilling point before using S-reamer.


The S-reamer is the main instrument of the SCA kit. It creates the desired size hole on the inferior sinus cortical wall without damaging the Schneiderman membrane.


The stopper is composed of 10pieces, from 2mm~11mm. It gets attached to the S-reamer in order to control the process.

Depth gauge

The depth gauge is an instrument for measuring the depth of the remaining bone after perforating with S-reamer.

Bone Carrier

The bone carrier is used to carry the bone grafting materials into the drilled hole.

Bone condenser

The bone condenser is used to keep the graft materials in place on the floor of the sinus.

Bone Inserter

The spiral bone inserter is an instrument to push the bone into the sinus after it was inserted with a bone carrier without any damages to the membrane. To use in combination with 1mm long Stopper.


Bone Spreader

The bone inserted in the sinus floor can be spread out laterally by this tool therfore elevating the sinus upward to create more space in the floor of the sinus for the bone-graft material.


Special Reamer for Safe surgery
The S-reamer is the main instrument of the SCA kit. Its special blade structure has been designed to perforate the sinus inferior cortical bone without tearing the sinus membrane. It creates a thin bone disk between the membrane and the reamer. Reamer does not touch sinus membrane directly, so it is safer. This tool could also be used in the case of misaligned septum cases.



1. Initial Drill

– Mark a position and drill to the front of the inferior cortical wall (‘D’).
– Stopper: Depth (‘D’).
– Speed: 1,200 rpm

 2. S-Reamer

– Drill the inferior cortical wall and lift the sinus membrane about 1mm.
– Stopper: Same length as depth
– Speed: 1,200 rpm

 3. S-Reamer

– If you don’t feel the perforation of the inferior cortical wall in step 2 change stopper to depth + 1mm.
– Stopper: Depth + 1mm
– Speed: 1,200 rpm

 4. Depth Gauge

– Check the inferior wall’s perforation by inserting the end of the depth gauge until the sinus wall is reached.
– Stopper: Depth + 1mm

 5. Bone Carrier
– Fill the carrier and insert the bone graft (0.05cc)

 6. Bone Condenser

– Push bone graft into the sinus
– Stopper: Depth length

 7. Bone Inserter

– Push bone inside by turning bone inserter slowly.
– Stopper: Depth – 1mm
– Speed: 80 rpm

 8. Bone Spreader

– Use the bone spreader after inserting bone twice to spread the bone laterally in the sinus area. (0.1cc)