Sinus Lateral Approach Kit


Minimally invasive lateral approach to sinus lifts.
Less pain and less swelling to the patient.




– This tool forms a thin bone disk between the reamer and the membrane during the lateral approach and penetrates the lateral wall. Connect a lateral stopper to drill safely.
– Single size—Ø6.5.


C-Guide & C-Reamer

– The C-Guide is a guide drill used to prevent slippage and to locate the position accurately before using the C-Reamer.


Sinus Elevator

– This tool is used to initially remove the mesial and the distal membranes immediately after drilling of the hole.

2 Special Reamers for Sinus Lateral Approach 


LS Reamer

LS-Reamer is a kind of drill which drills lateral wall safely. It creates a thin bone disk between the reamer and the sinus membrane. It protects the sinus membrane because the LS-Reamer creates a thin bone disk between reamer and sinus membrane.


C Reamer

The hollow spaced and tapered C-reamer can save a circular bone core disk from the lateral wall. It is designed to provide a safe, speedy recovery, fast surgery and quick bone formation in the lateral hole.

Sinus Lateral Approach


1. Open the flap


2. Approaching membrane (LS reamer) / Approaching membrane (C reamer)

▼ LS reamer


▼ C reamer



3. Elevation membrane (Elevator 1,2,3)

4. Bone Grafting



5. Implant placement




6. Suture



7. Bone Regeneration Process